It started with…..

one of those regular conversations that I have with my son Luke in which we discuss the TED talks we’ve watched that week & the amazing ideas they raise. Then Luke said to me: “How do you fancy applying for a license & doing a TEDx talk since we enjoy them so much?”

It had never even occurred to me that you could apply to run a TEDx event. The little x, by the way shows that this is a local, independantly organised event. It has the same aims as TED but is organised by local people for a local community. So why would we want to do this? OK we enjoy the TED and TEDx talks on Youtube  but let’s be honest we’re all time poor these days aren’t we?

For us the TED talks have a power to change the way we think, their slogan is “Ideas worth spreading” and if we can help bring that power to our local community in West Cumbria we’ll be very happy.

We have a vision of bringing groups together who wouldn’t normally attend the same events. You know how it is, business people attend business networking, young people attend youth groups, the more mature in our society tend to meet in groups of their own. We want our event to buzz as all these groups, and more, discuss the ideas being put forward in the talks.

If this sounds exciting and you’d like to join us tickets are available here but be quick, they’re not going to hang around for long!