Are you attending TEDxWhitehaven?

Can you believe, at the time of posting this message, TEDxWhitehaven 2016 will take place in 3 weeks? I can’t!

This years’ event is taking place at the Gaiety Cinema in Whitehaven on 7th September. As part of our goal to become more sustainable we have chosen to sell tickets to this year’s event. The tickets are therefore crucial to covering the costs of the event and ensuring future TEDxWhitehaven events take place.

Tickets for the full day’s conference are £25 (which includes a buffet lunch). At the time of posting we are just short of hitting the number of tickets we need to cover the costs; yet lots of people keep saying ‘I’m coming along’. For anyone that knows me, it won’t come as a shock to know I’m a bit last minute myself but to all those planning to come along, please do purchase your tickets now.

Tickets can be purchased here. If you’re a company and would like to purchase tickets for staff/clients then please contact me directly (we can easily invoice for the tickets and provide a discount for the purchase of 10 or more).


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